Recommended Sailing Music

Tunes to keep you bopping as you sail away….

**All songs available to listen to on Youtube**  

Sea Shanties: 

  1. Sally Brown By: The Dreadnoughts
  2. Don’t Forget Your Old Shipmate By: Jerry Bryant and Starboard Mess
  3. Eliza Lee By: The Dreadnoughts
  4. Rolling Down to Old Maui By: The Revels
  5. Randy Dandy Oh By: The Dreadnoughts
  6. Old Billy Riley By: Johnny Collins
  7. The Pirate Shanty By: Worldwide Adventurers
  8. The Flag of Newfoundland By: Shanneyganock
  9. Heave Away By: The Fables
  10. I’se The B’y By: Great Big Sea
  11. William Taylor By: Eitre
  12. Fathom The Bowl By: Linda Morrison
  13. All For Me Grog By: Linda Morrison
  14. Offshore Wind By: The Pirateers
  15. Last of the Pirateers By: The Pirateers
  16. Battle For Camelot By: Tartalo Music
  17. Nancy Mulligan By: Ed Sheeran
  18. A Pirate’s Lullaby By: The Whiskey Bards
  19. Marie’s Wedding By: The High Kings
  20. The Rocky Road to Dublin By: The High Kings
  21. Finnegan’s Wake By: The High Kings
  22. Nancy Whiskey By: Gaelic Storm
  23. Another Irish Drinking Song By: Da Vinci’s Notebook
  24. Great to Be a Pirate By: The Whiskey Bards


Other Great Sailing Songs: 

  1. We Know the Way By: Moana OST
  2. Ramukanji By: Onetox
  3. Budding Trees By: Nahko and Medicine For The People
  4. Dragonfly Lullaby By: Paul Izak
  5. I Am By:  Satsang
  6. South American By: Brian Wilson
  7. Everything By: Devande
  8. Stress By: Onetox
  9. We Back By: Onetox
  10. Say Hey (I Love You) By: Michael Franti
  11. Shake Shake Shake Senora By: Harry Belafonte
  12. Don’t Worry Be Happy By: Bobby McFerrin
  13. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright By: Bob Marley
  14. Africa By: Toto
  15. Jammin By: Bob Marley
  16. Oh What a Night By: The Four Seasons
  17. Geronimo By: Sheppard
  18. Some Nights By: Fun
  19. Cheerleader By: OMI
  20. The Parting Glass By: The High Kings