Spaghetti with Oven Baked Livers & Learning to Say When You’re Not Okay [RECIPE]

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Ooooo, do I have a recipe for you today! Move over, meatballs because there is a new, delicious spaghetti topping in town and that, my friends, is oven baked chicken livers. But before I gush all about this tasty dish, I want to follow up on my previous post about living with anxiety. Mental health is often a difficult topic. It’s a “hidden illness” that makes people feel ashamed when they needn’t be. I know, because I’ve been there. It’s hard reaching a point where you have to lift up your hand to a trusted person and say, “Hey!…. I’m NOT okay!!”. It sucks. You feel defeated. And you have no idea how on earth to get better. So how do you reach out for help when you’re struggling?

Well, if you’re like me, you probably wouldn’t call those national hotlines. Though they are wonderful and effective for many people… I just can’t see myself using them. I’m way too shy for that. In my case, I had to turn to my family and have a heart to heart. They knew that I was jittery, but actually saying out loud that I have anxiety was really, really hard! But you know what? When I did, then I could move forward and get connected with a therapist, talk to my doctor, and get on to a road of recovery.

Sometimes you don’t have a mental illness but you’re still not okay. Maybe you’ve neglected yourself and the words “self-care” are but a distant memory. Does that ring a bell for anyone? (Yeah, I’m raising my hand over here).


My husband always tells me, “if you don’t take care of yourself, how can you expect to take care of the family?”. Okay, point taken. But, as a wife and mother… I don’t automatically think of myself and take time for me in my daily schedule. I don’t think, “Hmm… first I’ll lay down and read a book… and then.. Oooo! A hot shower sounds lovely!”. No. It’s more like, my alarm goes off at 5:30 am and alarms are blaring in my head yelling, “GO! GO! GO!!”. I jump out of bed scrambling to get breakfast and lunch made in under an hour all while trying to remember everything that needs to be done for the day. It is what I affectionately call “the morning crunch” in that solid hour, and then… I can breathe. Only then do I think about what to cook for dinner that night. My system is shocked, but I am ready to go. 😉

Which brings me to today’s recipe.

I have decided that my cooking style can best be described as, “lazy yet tasty”. I want minimal ingredients, flavor, but not too technical. Is that bad? I’m just being honest up in here. ❤ That said, last night I was digging through my pantry whipping up dinner with what we had on hand. You know towards the end of the month you start thinking, “hmm… what can I use up here?”. Yeah, me too. So I had a box of spaghetti, a jar of pasta sauce, a tub of chicken livers, and breadcrumbs. The result? This dish is absolutely drool-worthy. By baking the livers as opposed to frying them, they tend to taste more “meat-y” instead of “iron-y”. Does that make sense? I’ve always loved liver… and heart… and sweetbreads… you get the idea. But for all of you who are a bit squeamish to liver, I encourage you to give this recipe a try. The prep took me 10 minutes. It cooked for 45 minutes, and the family was blissfully happy. This dish is packed with flavor, very budget-friendly (livers cost $2 USD per pound!), and pairs together beautifully. I know you’re going to love it as much as we do! 🙂

So let’s break this easy meal down!


Oven Baked Chicken Livers

Makes: 12-15 baked livers


  • 2 (1 lb.) tubs of chicken livers
  • 1 stick butter, melted
  • 2 cups Italian Breadcrumbs


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees (F)/ 180 degrees (C).
  2. Rinse the livers in a small colander. Then set aside in a bowl.
  3. Pour the melted butter in a bowl. Then pour the breadcrumbs in a separate bowl. Now you have three bowls in a row: one with liver, one with butter, and one with breadcrumbs. Now time to dip!
  4. Dip the livers in butter, then coat with breadcrumbs, then place on a greased baking sheet. Repeat until all the livers are coated.
  5. Bake for 45 minutes in the oven. Then set aside to rest. Top on spaghetti and chow down!


Simple Spaghetti

Makes: 6 portions


  • 1 box angel hair pasta
  • 1 jar pasta sauce


  1. Boil the angel hair for 7 minutes. Drain and dump back into the pot.
  2. Toss in the sauce over the hot noodles and mix well to combine.
  3. Serve into portions and top with oven baked livers. Chow down!! 🙂


Stay tuned for more recipes! Have a wonderful day everyone! And as always, keep on cooking! ❤

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