My Raw Vegan Journey Day 3: When Your Family Wants to Quit… But You Don’t.

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you’re doing well. Today I need your compassion and understanding. If I’m being honest, I feel a bit down. Walking the path of raw veganism isn’t for the faint-hearted. In fact, it’s really difficult. So please forgive me if today I need a moment to “gush” and rant about everything that’s troubling me. If you don’t want to hear my rambling, I completely understand. πŸ™‚ Come back here tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll be just fine. But today I feel torn. Yesterday was day 3 of my raw vegan journey. I lost another half of a pound bringing my total weight loss to 3 lbs. down. I’m happy about that. I also completed another 5 miles walking, even though admittedly yesterday my legs felt like bambi walking for the first time. I was wobbly and in so much pain, but I was determined to push through… and I did!


My meals were on point, but if I’m being honest with you… there are things about “non-veganism” that I miss too. I miss being creative in the kitchen. I miss a bowl of warm soup. I miss cheese. (I feel bad just saying that, but I’m being real, open, and honest right now). I miss gooey grilled cheese sandwiches. I miss a warm cup of tea. *sighs* But I don’t miss the chest pains or the achy joints. I don’t miss the restless nights and the increased anxiety. I don’t miss being fearful if deep, down inside somewhere in my body cancer cells might be lurking without my knowledge. I don’t miss that at all!


I don’t miss feeling out of breath all the time, and frustrated at all of the jiggle. I don’t miss not being able to do 10,000 steps. Or not finishing a full gallon jug of water. Since I went raw vegan… I do all of those things now. I drink a full 8 glasses of water (and usually more). I walk 5 miles daily. My muscles feel better today. πŸ™‚ I do miss cooking, but I feel so much better! My anxiety is down a lot, (though my bra stabbed the side of my chest from working out so vigorously thus triggering a bit of anxiety… but.. that’s another issue lol). But I’m healing!

And then came dinner last night.

I was all prepared to eat light. I had already had my giant salad for the day so I was looking forward to a homemade pan de sal, a glass of water, and some rest. But my family had other plans. Both of them wanted something warm. My heart sympathized deeply with my husband. He had a headache and was definitely “hangry” (hungry + angry = hangry) by the time he came home. As we spoke gently to each other I asked him what he really wanted to eat. “Chicken nuggets and rice” he grumbled. I took a deep breath. “Okay” I said looking at him quietly, “You can go buy some and eat that if you want… but I’m not going to eat that”. It was hard standing my ground. I love eating communal meals. It’s so awkward when one person is eating one thing, and someone else is eating something different (at least at home). His shoulders slumped defeated and he sulked silently.


So I whipped up a pan of tofu stir fry and a pot of steamed rice hoping to cheer him up and alleviate his headache. It worked. “Thanks for helping me stay on track” he mumbled as we bear hugged, and I smiled.

I can tell that the family’s enthusiasm for raw veganism is waning… fast. Perhaps the answer is just regular vegan food? I don’t know. There is a huge convenience in being able to buy “whatever” so you can whip up delicious foods. I miss that feeling tremendously. And yes, I do like vegan food a lot! I just don’t know what to do. For now, though, I’ll keep trudging along. Thanks for listening everyone and have a beautiful Thursday ❀


  1. I commend all of you for working hard to make choices for your best health. You might want to consider that you have chosen this path as a lifestyle, not a religion. If you vary your choices from time to time that don’t fall into the category of raw vegan, that might be OK. I know that I read that Dr. Gregor also eats things from time to time that aren’t totally plant based. The idea is that you stick with what you know is a healthy lifestyle 90% of the time. Don’t quit. YOU CAN DO THIS! xxooo

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