Tigers Don’t Change Their Stripes… And Foodies Don’t Stop Loving Food!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

It’s been a week since I last posted! It honestly feels like forever. How are you?! I hope you’re well. πŸ™‚ A very Happy Wednesday to you. We’re halfway through the week and into a new month. Around here I’ve caught the “spring bug” and have been craving sunshine and fresh flowers. I love Spring. I’ve also taken the week off to reflect about my relationship with food. It’s a complicated one, so sit back, grab a cup of tea and let’s gab together, shall we?

If you’re new to my blog, hi! Welcome! I’m Lisa aka The Noob Chef and I have a serious relationship with food. After having weight loss surgery a few years ago (more about that here) my world completely changed. I lost over 100 lbs. and I began to see food differently. Gone are the days when fast food was an acceptable meal. I began to cook for myself and my tiny family. And you know what? I found out that I love to cook! πŸ™‚ But I’m a noob. I have a lot to learn. So for the past couple of years I’ve been blogging, snapping pictures, and stumbling along the way figuring out what dishes are amazing… and what dishes I could live without.

Over the past week I’ve marveled at how far I’ve come. It’s easy to find the negatives in life, but it’s important to take time to praise ourselves. To rejoice in our triumphs. A few years ago I couldn’t have told you what mise en place meant, or what a mirepoix is. I had no idea that vegan food could taste so good… or how much you can learn about a country by cooking food from their culture. I have learned so much. And while I’m happy… there is room for more personal growth. So, I did what I usually do when I fall deep in thought: I cook a comfort dish and curl up under a blanket…

Mmmm ziti…Β 

I questioned myself if my relationship with food is really a healthy one. Yes, I love to eat, and sure I’m a total foodie, but is it the right path for me? As a curvy gal, I’m forever battling weight on my hips. “Do I need to give up cooking and turn into a raw vegan in order to reach my goal weight?”, I wondered. I envisioned myself sitting there among a pile of melons… carrots… apples… and salads. Not that I don’t love any of those, I do. But… piles and piles of meals…. all cold?Β I began to stress. (Did I mention that I love a hot meal?). “If weight loss is supposed to be a lifelong journey… why do I need to eat raw and lose it fast just to look cute and feel great?”, I said to my husband. I stressed a bit more… and baked a cake.

IMG_4258Β I long to take my passion for cooking… and go to the next level. I want to learn proper knife cuts. I want to know the five “mother sauces” of French cooking (plus the two cold ones too!) by heart. I yearn to hear the sizzle of a cooked steak and know that I seasoned and executed it perfectly. I long to knead dough with my hands and make a variety of breads in my humble kitchen. I want to know more.

I browse cookbooks like others do online forums. There are so many dishes I long to try, cuisine’s I have yet to taste, and plans I have yet to do. I want to go from some noob cook… to a darn, good chef! Okay, so I’m not going to be cooking in a restaurant anytime soon. But wouldn’t it be neat to make a dish that people pause and swoon over? To create recipes inspired by the greatest chef’s of all time?

So it’s back to the basics for me. I’m going to practice my knife cuts. I’m going to start simple and small. I can’t go raw vegan if I tried. I think I’d go bonkers. πŸ™‚ Instead, I’m going to embrace that tigers don’t change their stripes… foodies don’t fall out of love with food… and this girl can’t walk away from her oven. Stay tuned for more recipes to come! Have a beautiful day everyone! ❀


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