Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby [Life Updates!]

Good Morning Beautiful People!
How are you today? It’s a brand new week full of possibilities, however today’s blog post is going to be a bit different. I want to talk about stress, healing, and the power of natural food. You’ve probably noticed that in the past 2 weeks I’ve slowed down a lot on the posting. Well, I have… and I don’t like it! In fact, I’ve missed sharing recipes with all of you very much, but in reality, I haven’t really been cooking. At all. Why? Because I got a rash!
A stress rash in fact. (Who knew there was such a thing?!)
So let’s talk about stress, baby. Ahhh stress. We all have it. We use it in conversation naturally like it’s an extension of our lives. “I’m so stressed”. “That’s stressful!”. “You’re stressing me out!”. We hear these phrases, but what is stress and why can it wreck havoc on our bodies so easily? Stress is a physiological and emotional reaction to stimuli. Or in other words, stress makes us “feel” and experience a wide range of symptoms. This can be as small as sweating all the way up to a full blown panic attack.
For some, they know how to cope with stress easily. And others, (yup, I’m raising my hand here), not so much. Fast forward to last week. I got a rash. It didn’t hurt. It itched a little, but it was enough to make me look in the mirror and go, “Hmm… that wasn’t there yesterday”. I stared at the spots on my stomach. It unnerved me. So I rubbed topical cream on it and went on with my day. It didn’t get better. Two days later I went into the Urgent Care Clinic.
Did you know there are numerous types of rashes? I didn’t until that moment. They drilled me with all kinds of questions. What have you eaten recently? Have you gone hiking? Have you switched soap? Are you stressed lately? “Wha–” I blinked, “who isn’t stressed?”. But then the doctor told me that it looked like a stress rash. “Come again?” I said blinking. That’s a thing?
Yup, it sure is. Stress breaks down the immune system and can cause a rash! Thankfully it goes away with rest, relaxation, clean eating, and over the counter meds to control itching. But my point in all of this is…. is it really worth it to stress so hard? Don’t get me wrong, my friends, if anyone knows about stress it’s me. Trust me. I worry over the stupidest things. But I’m beginning to learn that sometimes you just have to let things go. We can’t control everything in our lives. We can’t plan things too far in advance. We can’t try and plan for every possible scenario in any given situation. Sometimes, we just have to be.
So I’m a student again. A student of rest and relaxation. I’m learning how to unwind. To take things by the day (and sometimes even the hour!) and learn to just chill. It’s hard. I’m really good at planning. I’m terrible at resting. I get fidgety. I feel unproductive. My mind wanders. But then I see my rash and I’m reminded that moving too fast, over-thinking things, and not taking enough time to put my health first got me here in the first place.
And so I take a breath and stop.
On this blog I share all kinds of recipes with you. But on doctor’s orders I have to eat clean. Really clean. So I am eating mostly raw fruit and vegetables. How do you blog about that? I ate two bananas for breakfast. Not very exciting, right? πŸ™‚ So I figured that I’ll take pictures where I can about my life, and just talk to you. It may not be recipes… but it’ll be honest, simple blog posts about my healing journey to (hopefully) a more stress-free lifestyle.
Thanks for hanging in there with me, my friends. I appreciate it. Have an awesome day! Until next time ❀


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