That Time The Doctor Told Me to Eat More & Sugar-Free Banana Bread

Good Morning Beautiful People! ❀

How are you today? Man, do I have a story for you. Let’s rewind the clock to yesterday morning. It was my annual health check up. You know, the whole physical, glucose pin prick test, etc. So I went in. Finally it was my turn. Blood pressure? Beautiful. Pulse? Look’in fabulous! And then they take my blood…. “Well you’re not pre-diabetic… at all” the nurse said blinking at the machine. She then called in another nurse. They took more blood and ran the test again. “You now have my attention,” I thought looking at them more closely. The second nurse looked at me. “Actually, your cholesterol is too low” she said surprised.

Come again?, I thought to myself. What does that mean?! “Also your glucose is far too low” she added, “you need to eat more”. Now let’s pause a moment here. You all know my archives on here. I rant and rave about curvy-people things often. I am NOT a toothpick. In fact, I have a bit of “fluff” on the hips and rump. So naturally when she told me to eat I looked down at my hips…. and then back at her. “Um…. you want me to eat more?” I asked carefully. We ran the blood test one more time and the results were the same. At this point I had waved my husband into the room. He blinked at them too. “Are you vegan?” she asked me. “Usually” I said, which was basically the truth. “People with low cholesterol are subject to more depression and anxiety” she explained, “so you need to eat more good fats and start incorporating meat”. Huh… I thought. I was shocked.

So…. that happened. Now I need to cook more meat. Have I told you how much I love vegan dishes? This will be a “baby steps” thing. For now, let’s take a look at today’s recipe. πŸ˜‰

I bought a bulk ton of bananas from Costco thinking I could eat them all in one go. Pfft! That was silly. πŸ™‚ Then I ended up with 10 spotty, ripe bananas and a daughter dancing around the house singing, “BANANA BREAD! BANANA BREAD! TIME TO MAKE BANANA BREAD!”. Alright, alright…. I give, I thought smirking to myself and headed into the kitchen to bake. I have worked hard to cut out granulated sugar from our diet, so I was pleased to find this recipe for healthy (vegan) banana bread using maple syrup instead of sugar from fellow blogger, “Cookie + Kate”. It is so moist and flavorful from both the bananas and the coconut oil. It took about 70 minutes to bake to golden perfection but the result was a loaf of perfectly baked banana bread and a very happy family. I hope you all love this recipe as much as we do.

Please head on over to “Cookie + Kate” to get the full recipe info! Have a wonderful day everyone and as always, keep on cooking! ❀


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