Cooking With Kids: “Cheezy” Noodles [RECIPE]

Good Afternoon Beautiful People! ❤

I just couldn’t wait to share this recipe with you! That’s how good it is. I can’t call it vegan “cheezy” noodles because my ramen packet… was chicken flavored. However, if you do use a vegan ramen packet this recipe can easily be made vegan and taste just the same. Now you all know me. I’m a simple kind of gal, (hence the Noob Chef label), so when it comes to cooking I like things fast, simple, cheap, and delicious. That’s pretty much it. This recipe hits all four points and it doesn’t use a drop… or grate… of cheese. No, instead it uses nutritional yeast. I know! For all you non-veganers out there, hang on a moment with me. Yes, it’s yellow flakes in a can which looks scary as heck… but bear with me for a moment. So if you know that this dish isn’t going to be that ooey, gooey cheese that you’re used to… then you can enjoy how this dish really is. It’s cheesy with a hint of nuttiness. It’s filling and so simple. So why nutritional yeast and not cheese? Well, a few reasons:

  • It has a bunch of amino acids and vitamins (including b12 which vegans and vegetarians need daily).
  • It preserves immune function (Source)
  • It holds antiviral and antibacterial properties (Source)
  • It improves digestion (Source)
  • And it tastes really great! 🙂

For further reading on nutritional yeast check out this great article here!

And now, let’s dive into the recipe! 🙂

“Cheezy” noodles. Mmmm… it’s like mac and cheese… but cheaper and easier. It’s ramen… cooked in chicken stock… and flavored with nutritional yeast. Next time I’m going to add a ton of vegetables to mine, but for now this is the simple, basic recipe. I truly hope you love it as much as I did. It’s so economical and proves that you don’t need to spend a bunch of money to have a flavorful, healthy dish. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and as always, keep on cooking! ❤


“Cheezy” Noodles 

Serves: 1


  • 1 packet of ramen chicken flavor (**Use vegan ramen if you want to adapt for veganism**)
  • 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast


Gather your ingredients.


Bring a pot to boil with water and drop in the seasoning packet. Add the noodles and cook for 5-6 minutes.


Reserve 3-4 tablespoons of chicken flavored cooking water in a mixing bowl and add the noodles. Then add the nutritional yeast and mix, mix, mix!


Chow down and enjoy! 🙂



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