Hawaiian Adventures Day 9: Happy 10th Birthday Noob Chef Junior!

Good Evening Everyone!

As the title suggests, my little one turned 10 years old today. So this post is going to be written to her. I hope you all enjoy it….

Dear Noob Chef Jr.:

Happy Birthday, baby. You’re 10 years old today. Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope today was everything you dreamed it would be. You are so deeply loved and cherished. Daddy and I are so proud to be your parents…. โค


Today I watched your eyes sparkle with excitement and curiosity as we all created rainbow cupcakes. We had been itching to make this recipe together for well over a month, and today was the day! It was so much fun. You proudly declared that you want to own your own food truck one day. Whether that ends up being your dream, or you move onto something else…. I want you to throw your whole heart into it. Never give up on your dreams. Life is too short and precious to do anything but follow your heart.


We topped your cupcakes with unicorns which is so fitting. You’ve always loved everything magical, unique, and different. I love that about you. You find the good in things and people. You see the world as a giant place of discovery. Never lose that spark of wonder. It’s what makes you… you!


I stood there, camera in hand watching you blow out your candles. I couldn’t help but wonder what you wished for. Do you know what I wish for you? I wish that you will live a long, healthy life. I wish that you find a love one day with your very best friend. I wish that you see the world…. taste food from all over…. meet people from all walks of life…. and never stop learning. I wish that you will give back to the world, and help repair our planet. I have no doubt you will. You have so much love to give.


Then we were off to dinner tonight. You ordered steamed pork buns. Instantly they reminded me of Momofuku’s pork buns which are wildly popular in NYC. You let me have a bite to write for my blog. Thank you baby girl, that was very kind of you. While we all slurped our ramen and noodle dishes you suddenly burst into a tangent critiquing yours… and my dish with great detail. Will you become a food writer one day? ๐Ÿ™‚


We locked eyes and you told me my ramen was bland. I couldn’t believe it! With the pork, soft boiled egg, onions, and spices… you still thought it was bland. I had to smirk at you as you looked at me with a look that said nothing would change your mind. I love that fiery spark about you.


Instead you said that Daddy’s ramen was much better. His Kimchi ramen was exactly what you loved. That made all of us grin. You love spicy food like him. ๐Ÿ™‚ Like father, like daughter. โค


As the night wrapped up and we drove home, you snuggled into me and in a soft voice quietly asked if you could have another cupcake when we got back home. Yes, my love. You absolutely can. Happy 10th Birthday baby. May you never change. Grow, flourish, and keep speaking your mind. I’ll be with you every step of the way. I love you.





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