$20 Dinner Date & Day 2 Gym Muscles

Good Morning Beautiful People! โค

Bear with me here. I’m pretty groggy today. I actually woke up at 3:30 am this morning because my shoulders and arms were so sore. Two Tylenol later and I was back to sleep catching in a few precious more hours. Yeah… it’s rough people. If you’re also starting out on a new workout program I tip my hat to you and will wave my flag cheering you on all the way.


Working out is tough. It helps to have a buddy, but even still you have to be self-motivated and so far so good. I don’t plan on quitting. I know eventually my muscles will tone up and adjust. Walking 4 miles daily has been difficult but the sweat and burn feels good. It’s just that, “oh I think my shoulders are going to fall off if I lift my arms up” feeling the morning after that gets me. But…. anything worth having doesn’t come easy. I’ve done the crash diet thing. That worked for about half of a minute. And I’ve had bariatric surgery which took of a large chunk of weight off. So now I need to dig deep and really workout and eat clean to knock off the rest.

Speaking of eating clean, let’s look at today’s dinner date! ๐Ÿ™‚


Today’s meal isn’t a recipe. As stated before in the precious post, as we turn into 2018 I’ll be eating more raw foods but that won’t stop me from blogging and sharing with you what I’m doing to workout and what I’m eating. So, this is my first healthy meal back on track. Mr. Noob Chef and I decided to make every Friday our “date night”. Now, we usually keep our date nights at home and make it work by giving our kiddo toys and games to keep her occupied while we slip into the next room for some quality couple time. It felt so great, sitting across from each other peeling fruit, and chatting up a storm. Sometimes it’s nice just to sit down and talk! And that’s exactly what we did. So what can you buy fresh with $20 USD? Well, you could buy two combo meals at your fast food drive-thru…. OR…. you can buy two organic salads, a bundle of bananas, 3 kiwi, 4 oranges, and a bundle of strawberries! We didn’t even touch the bananas, and we had a leftover kiwi and orange. But our tummies were so happy demolishing all of the fruit and salad. Yum! And you know what? I cut 1.3 lbs. between yesterday and today. I call that a win!

I hope this date inspires you to get out there and hit up your local produce department! Have an awesome day everyone, and as always– whoa! I just realized that I always say “keep on cooking” but I’m not cooking! Okay, so I’ll leave you with this: Have a wonderful day everyone and as always, keep on moving! โค


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