Finding the Perfect Snack!

Hello Everyone!

Long time no see! How are you? I hope you’re having a beautiful day today! It’s summer time here. The weather is warm… okay, hot at times…. but things are bright and I’m loving every minute of it. As I gear up for my usual Summer Cooking Spree, I wanted to drop in to share this snack food with you. Y’all I’m not going to lie. I get the munchies… often. I try and be good by eating a banana, and at times that helps. But you know when you really get the munchies? I’m talking like, “if I don’t get something salty and crunchy in my mouth right now… I’m going to get seriously hangry”. That type of stuff.

Well, I have the solution for you: coconut chips!


I know! Roll with me here for a moment while I gush about these chips. As a lover of all things snack related, I often grimace and wince at the nutritional value of my favorite snacks. “What do you mean 16 Doritos has 180 calories?”… who ever stops at 16? And why do those amazing Nonna’s Biscotti’s disappear so fast and yet… are 110 calories? *sighs*

Well now… we have a snack food that you CAN pig out on… and it won’t destroy your waistline. Coconut chips. It’s crunchy. Slightly salty, and slightly sweet. And get this! You can eat half of a package… for 160 calories! That’s right, half of the entire package my friends. I haven’t even done that yet. So I keep them on my desk and nibble the day away. It’s perfect for keeping the cravings at bay, while having something to nibble on when the emotional eating wants to kick in.

These particular coconut chips cost about $2 USD at Trader Joe’s but you can also find them on Amazon here.

So as we dive into the “40 Before 40 Foodie Bucket List” shortly, grab this yummy snack food and get some sun on your face! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful day everyone and as always, keep on cooking โค

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  1. My day is going well. I love Coconut chips too! I might get myself some of the one in your post. There’s this one made in Ghana and I’m sure you’ll like it. Visit if you’re interested. I swear that this is not sponsored in anyway. Lol


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