7 Easy Steps to Rock’in Vegan Onigri

Good Morning Everyone!

It’s Monday again. To fuel up for the week we need to give ourselves a balanced breakfast. This Vegan Onigri has just the right amount of carbs, protein, and veg to keep you satisfied all morning long. The sushi rice is flavorful and so simple to make. If you have a rice cooker it is even easier to make, but if not, don’t fret. You can easily make it on the stove top too. So let’s check out one of my favorite ways to start the morning…

Vegan Onigri in 7 Easy Steps!Β 

Begin by cooking your rice. In my rice cooker I usually prepare 2 cups of rice with 3.5 cups of water and it takes around 40m for the rice cooker to steam it up. (Note: While your rice is cooking, go ahead and saute your mushrooms and spinach in a small pan. Put the veg in a medium-high saucepan and pour in 3-4 tbsp. of soy sauce and a pinch of garlic powder. Cook until soft and tender then remove and set aside). Once the rice is cooked I lay out a piece of plastic wrap on a sturdy surface. Then I spoon the rice into a mixing bowl and put 3 teaspoons of rice wine vinegar into it. I mix it all up and I’m ready to begin assembling the onigri!

First begin by spooning about 1 cup of cooked rice into the plastic wrap. If you have plastic gloves, wet them just a little and press the rice down into a circle. If not, use the back of a wet spoon and press the rice down. Then make a small indention in the middle.


Place some chopped, cooked veggies in the center of the rice.


Carefully start grabbing the ends of the plastic wrap to create a little bundle in your hands.


Then start twisting the onigri around and around in your hand. As you’re tightening the sack, gently shape the sticky rice into a ball to hold everything inside.


And then you have a ball!


Now gently shape the ball into a triangle and wrap it in a piece of nori seaweed.


Sprinkle with furikake seasoning and you’re ready to eat! Mmmm! Smell that seaweed being heated up by the hot rice. So delicious!! Enjoy everyone and keep on cooking! ❀


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