Healthy Banana Bread and Taking the Plunge [RECIPE]

Good Afternoon Everyone!

We’re almost through another week. Wow, time flies. Today I want to share with you a healthy banana bread recipe. I woke up extra early this morning and was itching to just cook something. Have you ever been in one of those moods? You wake up and every cell in your body just yearns to create something. I didn’t want heaping amounts of sugar first thing in the morning, but I did long to bake. So I turned to Cookie + Kate’s Healthy Banana Bread. But before we jump into this recipe, let me share with you my latest adventure.

I live on the West Coast. Literally on the coast. It’s great. When people hear that I live right on the beach they say one of two things. They either say: “Wow that must be so expensive!” or “Gosh you’re so lucky!”. To which I reply: “Yes, it can be expensive but I like living in one of the happiest towns in America according to Forbes Magazine”. But between you and I, it also has a few drawbacks. For starters, when people want to go on vacation they come… here. Our town becomes a zoo with summer festivals and clam bakes. You can spot tourists right away as they walk at the pace of a sail across the street without a care in the world.

Mr. Noob Chef and I were sitting in traffic last summer waiting in an endless line of cars, just to inch up to the stop sign. Our windows were down as the sun was blazing high in the sky. “This is going to take forever!” I moaned to him. We watched tourist after tourist pay $15 or $20 just for a couple hours of parking at the hotels right along the beach front. As we watched these people march up and down the hot sidewalk we looked at their face. I mean really looked at them. “What do you think they’re thinking?” I asked my husband. We stared at a man coming up the sidewalk pushing a stroller. A huge diaper bag was slung over his shoulder while his partner was sipping a cool drink a few yards ahead of him. The man looked miserable and sweaty. “Kill me now” my husband said, and I erupted into giggles. For the next several minutes we exchanged silly banter as we people watched, while waiting for the endless line of cars to move ahead.

That’s one of the biggest drawbacks about living on the beach. In the summer time everything gets booked up… fast. I mean, really fast. So last night my husband and I did it. We took the plunge and booked a campsite for his birthday in August. Now mind you, we weren’t going to pay $250 a night for one of the beach hotels. That’s just ridiculous. So instead we thought we’d go camping right on the beach. It turns out it is quite affordable if you book in advance! For $67 USD my family and I will be pitching our tent in a small campsite with a fire pit and picnic table right by the ocean for two whole days! A part of me is squealing with excitement. I get to cook on a fire pit! I’ve never cooked on a fire pit before. The other part of me is skeptical on our sleeping arrangements.

My family is one that prefers creature comforts. Mr. Noob Chef specifically wanted a memory foam bed when we purchased ours years ago because he had one as a bachelor. (Admittedly they are very comfortable). And when we are watching a movie together everyone has their pile of pillows and blankets. So it will be an interesting adventure to be piled into a tent on the ground for 2 days while running around in the sand and surf. Still, I’m really excited. I can’t wait to share pictures of my adventure with all of you.

Alright, now onto this recipe!


This banana bread was really something quite different. If you’re used to the super sweet banana bread you’ll be in for a shock. This loaf has no sugar at all as it uses honey instead. In addition, white flour is replaced with whole wheat flour and vegetable oil and butter is replaced with coconut oil. Personally if I make it again I will be adding maple syrup or chopped nuts to give it a bit of a lift. On it’s own it tastes more like a delicious whole wheat bread loaf. Still, it was really tasty this morning with a cup of tea.

Out of respect to Cookie + Kate I’ll be leaving the recipe link here. Please head on over to view their site! Have a wonderful day everyone and keep on cooking ❤ .



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