3 Uses For Kimchi [RECIPES]

Good Morning Beautiful People!

How are you today? Today I want to share with you three easy kimchi recipes that you can keep, try, and make to use up all of that homemade kimchi. Let’s face it, 10 lbs. of kimchi is a lot of kimchi. As such, I’ve been cooking and testing my hand at various recipes to find creative ways to use it all up. So without further delay let’s jump into it!

First up is… Β Kimchijeon (Kimchi Pancakes):


This recipe by maangchi is about as easy as it gets. Though I wanted something to go along with the kimchi in the pancake so I tossed in a bit of canned corn too. My pancakes were a bit dense but overall quite tasty. Making these again I’ll simply follow her recipe and stick with her measurements. I also topped mine with bottled gochugaru sauce which you can find in the Asian section of your grocery store. It is a Korean Red Chili Pepper Mayo Sauce and it is delicious! Here is her recipe.

The second recipe is… kimchi rolls! :


Yes, kimchi also goes great in a sushi roll. This is the Korean answer to the Japanese sushi roll. And anyone that knows me knows I am a huge fan of sushi. But when it comes to making and rolling sushi, I leave that to the talented hands of Mr. Noob Chef. He prepared our rolls which included, chicken, egg, cream cheese, and kimchi. But you can make these rolls with a variety of ingredients.

The last recipe is… Kimchi Ramen! :


This dish was so goodso flavorful… so comforting, that my family had to pause, close their eyes, and just savor that sweet, gentle heat in the back of their throat before continuing. Noodles were slurping as they cleaned their bowls and begged for more. Yes… this recipe is THAT good. Oh, words just cannot properly describe how satisfying this humble bowl of soup is. The broth is so simple. Simply boil kimchi, onion, and carrot together. The secret is that you take the chicken seasoning packet from the ramen and put it directly into an empty bowl. Then take a little bit of hot broth and mix it all together so that the bouillon doesn’t dissolve in the giant soup pot. What you’re left with is a bowl of chicken-kimchi soup that is jam packed with flavor and is a giant hug to your stomach! Just try it… trust me πŸ™‚

Enjoy these recipes everyone! Have a beautiful day and as always… keep on cooking! πŸ™‚


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