The 2016 Live Now List and Conquering Fears

I began going to a new doctor yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Unlike the usual routine of vitals, questions, and go… this doctor took an all-encompassing holistic approach to my health. It’s not that I’m feeling bad, but I knew that there was room for improvement. “I want you to try and relax a little. Think of ways to unwind.”, she said with a warm smile. Immediately I thought about the Live Now List. I had written a live now list shortly after watching the movie, ” The Bucket List”. (I mean, how can you not?). But life got busy and I never really touched it. Now, I have doctor’s orders to do intentional things to smile, laugh, dance, and enjoy life a little bit.


So today I will be off to the beach to conquer #19… go into the ocean. Can we talk about it for a moment? I don’t know who it was that started the whole concept of, “hey, you know what would be a good idea? Let’s go into a giant body of water where: a.) we can’t see the bottom, and b.) we aren’t top of the food chain. I would really like to meet that person, because every time I see the ocean I think, “um…. I’ll watch from here, thanks!”. Never once do I get the urge to take a running start and plunge myself into the salty, cold water of the Pacific. But today I am doing just that. This afternoon I am headed to my local beach where I will walk into the ocean and stand chest-high with just me and the waves. My heart will be pounding and I will be hyper-aware of every movement in the water… but I am doing it anyway. Why? Because I realize that it’s okay to be scared.

It’s alright to fear the ocean because the ocean has plenty of dangers. It’s when we limit ourselves by the fear that we stop living. And this chick is not about to stop living. Oh no. I will be out there among the wetsuit-clad men on their surfboards and the joggers prancing up and down the beach, as I slowly submerge myself into a deeply seeded fear. Unlike some fears where it is more in our head… when I was younger my brother was bitten by a shark. I remember being on the beach, splashing in the surf, when my brother pulled himself out of the water screaming loudly. His foot and ankle were bloody and my parents came sprinting down towards him in a flash. A fast trip to the E.R. confirmed that a sand shark had bitten him while he was body surfing in waist-high water. Waist-high, people! Jeez. If that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is.

But again, we can’t live in fear forever. So I’m going in the water… and I hope the sharks had their lunch by the time I do. Stay tuned for my follow-up post of the experience (and pictures!) and enjoy reading the rest of the Live Now List! Have a wonderful day everyone! ❤

2016 Live Now List

  1. Play a game of Monopoly with the family

  2. Taste a candy cane during Christmas

  3. Go for a hike

  4. Have a picnic outside

  5. Learn how to put on makeup

  6. Host a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner for the family

  7. Write a love letter to your spouse and stick it in their Christmas stocking

  8. Get a video recorder and make home videos

  9. Organize and make more pages in family scrapbook

  10. Don’t shop for “Wants” for 365 days!

  11. Go Vegan for 1 month

  12. Learn how to curl my hair

  13. Lose 30 lbs.

  14. Try a hot/cold shower combo for a week

  15. Begin a new diary– don’t worry about whatever thoughts flow onto the pages!

  16. Complete the Octoberfeast blog challenge

  17. Create a short, 10-page e-book and upload it to Amazon through Kindle Publishing for FREE

  18. Make homemade Christmas presents for family (think paintings!)

  19. Go into the ocean

  20. Go camping for my birthday and cook outside

  21. Fill my social media with happiness quotes, news, etc. Get rid of negative sites.

  22. For 2 minutes each day, hug and hold my hubby.

  23. For 2 minutes each day, hug and hold my daughter.

  24. Pray regularly

  25. Watch favorite movies from childhood

  26. Make a croquembouche

  27. Watch a sun set over the ocean

  28. Have a tea party

  29. Play with a train set at Christmas time!!

  30. Dye my hair a different color

  31. Attend an Indian Holi festival (March 13, 2017)

  32. Stretch my muscles on a regular basis

  33. Go through a corn maze

  34. Begin to work on my cookbook

  35. Take a picture of us at every wedding anniversary and print it off


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  1. Yes I vividly remember your brother’s encounter with the sand shark in New Jersey. We were visiting our best friends there and had the shock of our lives. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about sand sharks in California!! Enjoy your swim today and I applaud you for heading into the surf. Xxxxxoooo

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