Pokemon Go and Sweet Pluots

Guys, we have to talk about it. Now I know your ears have probably already been flooded by it… but we need to pull up a chair and have a heart-to-heart about the mobile app that is sweeping the world: Pokemon Go. I’ll admit, I was a bit on the late train to this exercise-friendly game. I was never into Pokemon, so I had to have my husband explain to me what a Pokeman was/is. (Talk about feeling old!). But besides that, let’s talk about Pokemon Go, what it is, and why it is so popular.

Pokemon Go is a cell phone app that is free. Users create a profile and then the app uses your camera and location to connect with other Pokemon Go players. You begin by walking around your general vicinity, (usually your house), as you learn how to catch a pokemon. You will see your avatar walking on the screen. When you stumble across a Pokemon to catch, they will pop up, and you will notice a poke-ball at the bottom of your screen. The screen will then flash into camera mode plus the pokemon-to-catch and you need to flick poke-balls at it to catch it. Simplistic? Sure. But it gets a bit more advanced.


So as always, I try to reserve judgment on a game until I have tried it myself and Pokemon Go was no different. I used my husbands cell phone to download the app, create a character, and figure out the basics of the game. After capturing a pokemon, I quickly learned that unlike a pedometer where you can walk around your house and still get in your exercise, Pokemon Go is designed to take you outside into your community to “Poke-Stops”. These centers, (marked by a blue square on your map), are physical locations near you where you can go to capture other Pokemon. The catch: the same poke-spots are also given to other Pokemon players too.

Let’s pause for a moment.

Last night it was about 9 p.m. when I was trying out the app. After catching my first 2 pokemon in my home, the app wanted me to wander out into my local nearby park to several poke-spots. Obviously common-sense kicked in and I knew better then to wander the streets at night just to catch virtual app. characters. But it did beg the question: Would kids and teens have the same common sense to not use this app at night? Listening to one of my favorite Youtubers, PointlessBlog (Alfie Dayes), I was shocked. In his latest vlog he mentioned about wandering the streets of Brighton at 2 a.m. just to go to more Poke-stops/catch Pokemon! “Okay…” I thought to myself, “So what if one popular guy does it. Surely it can’t be that bad…”. Then my husband messaged me from work.

A fellow co-worker of his was at the beach the other night and filmed a 360-degree video of people all around him running up and down the pier catching Pokemon. My eyes were beginning to open. As I clicked on the news this morning there was an article published on The Daily Mail warning about pedophiles using the app. to find kids at poke-spots. What?! Oh hell no. Then, I read about lures. Do you know what a lure is? Apparently, once you hit level 5 in Pokemon Go, you then go to a nearby landmark to try and lure other players into fighting in a virtual gym. Needless to say, police have been responding to robberies made by thieves who have lured players to landmarks and stolen their phones.

I try really hard to not be that helicopter parent, but sometimes we have to pause a moment and examine things. I love that Pokemon Go gets people moving. I love that there is an app that is creative enough to want to get people interested and away from staring at the TV. But is it just me, or is anyone else out there going, “um hello?! This is an accident waiting to happen!!”. Not to mention that while you’re staring at your phone, walking along where ever you are, odds are REALLY good you won’t be looking at the cars on the road…. or bicycles that share the road…. or things in your path. There is bound to be senseless accidents over people staring at their phone over this game, and I feel so strongly that it could be preventable.

You all know that I’m a gamer-girl and proud of it. But Pokemon Go? This one I’ll pass on.

That being said, unlike the crazy app that is flooding our world, I want to talk to you about a crazy fruit that is often over-looked: pluots! This fruit is a cross between an apricot and a plum! Pluots are soft-skinned, sweet, tender fruit that are absolutely succulent and very refreshing on a hot day. Needless to say they are my current favorite summer treat. Check out your local grocery store to see if they have them in stock. I promise you it’s worth trying! Stay safe everyone and have a wonderful day! ❀


  1. I am with you on this one. Though I like the idea of the game I don’t like some of the things about privacy settings, people getting robbed, etc… I do like people getting out in the community to explore and they are socializing with the game. But, for me and my kids I am not ready to do this yet.

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