Hong Kong Egg Tarts and Vici Gaming Reborn (DOTA 2)

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you are having an absolutely fabulous day! πŸ™‚ Today I was in my tiny kitchen whipping up Hong Kong Egg Tarts and I am so excited to share this delicious Chinese treat with you! This recipe comes courtesy of blog, “Woks of Life”. If you haven’t been over there I HIGHLY recommend you do so. They are absolutely amazing in all things Asian food, though they cook and write about all types of food. So please check them out! For this post I will be sharing with you my “noobie” review of this recipe. For all of the recipe details please head over to “Woks of Life”. But before we dive into my gallery of pictures let’s pause a moment and learn about why we’re cooking this dish.

Vici Gaming Reborn is a Chinese team that was created by one man’s vision. Their Captain, Fy, used to be part of the main Vici Gaming squad. But when differences arose between him and the other squad members, he decided to leave the team and form his own. Hence, Vici Gaming Reborn.

Fy has been known for having incredible skill in team fighting in the role as support. He is exceptionally good at using his spells and abilities at just the right time. It was these skills and his ability to lead that helped him form his new squad and perform very well in the Chinese gaming scene. VGR did so well that Vici Gaming promoted them to represent them as their main squad! At the Manila Majors VGR as struggled a bit, which many attribute to lack of experience as a newer team, and also having younger team members. However, if anyone can pull it together VGR can. We can’t wait to see how they perform in the lower brackets against Evil Geniuses.

And now onto the cooking! πŸ™‚

For the longest time I wanted to make Chinese Egg Tarts. But so many things held me back from taking the leap. I needed mini egg tart tins, and I needed courage. I also needed a good recipe. But once those three came together… it was magic!

Hong Kong Egg Tarts for Vici Gaming Reborn
Hong Kong Egg Tarts for Vici Gaming Reborn

They should call these tarts, “Test of Patience Tarts” because admittedly they are a bit time-consuming. It took me about 2.5 hours from start to finish, but I can attest that they taste absolutely amazing! If you’ve ever had leche flan, think of that creamy, custard taste… minus the caramelized sugar part. These egg tarts are creamy, soft, and only slightly sweet. The dough is buttery and full of flavor. But I’m going to stop describing them and instead show you what I mean! πŸ™‚ So let’s get to it!!

First you want to make your dough. This gentle dough takes almost 2 sticks of butter which are ripped up in your fingers and tossed in the flour, sugar, and salt. The trick to getting the dough right was having everything at room temperature.


While the dough was chilling I made the custard filling. I whisked the ingredients together (evaporated milk, eggs, and sugar-water, but I knew I needed to really whisk it.


So it was time to break out the stand mixer! ( I know… I cheated a bit here lol).


See those little bubbles? We don’t want those. To get that smooth custard look you have to strain the mixture before putting them into the tart pans.


So I poured the mixture through a fine wire mesh strainer, (all while snapping this picture for you! ❀ )


Tada! Nice and smooth.


Then I took the dough and divided it into 20 individual portions. (I ordered my egg tart tins off Amazon, and these were the ones I purchased). This was by far the most time consuming part of the whole thing. Carefully I pressed and shaped the dough against the tart mold.


And kept working until all the tins were filled.


Then carefully I ladled in the custard mixture, (while the oven was preheating to 400 degrees (F)). Now I’ll admit… I sat in front of my oven and just stared down these little tarts as they baked. No way was I going to let them over-bake and crack! Oh no. So for the first 15 minutes I watched them like a hawk. Then I had to drop the temperature down to 350 degrees (F) for the final 10 minutes.


And they turned out absolutely perfect!! πŸ˜€ Mission: success!


Please be sure to head over to the “Woks of Life” to get this recipe! Have a wonderful day everyone and let’s get baking! ❀



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