Homemade Sushi in 5 Easy Steps!

I’ve loved sushi for as long as I can remember. From conveyor belt sushi to love boats to chef’s specials, I’ve sat in many restaurants and tried a variety of sushi rolls. I’ve yet to come across one that I don’t like. However, every noob has their financial limitations and I’ll be the first to say that my appetite for sushi and my wallet sometimes doesn’t match up. In other words, sushi can get very expensive, very quickly. So that left me scrambling to learn to make sushi at home. Now I must admit that I am still a sushi chef in training. But thankfully, Mr. Noob Chef has perfected the art of stacking, rolling, and cutting sushi enough to make a huge communal platter for the family to enjoy. In fact, this one of our family favorites! Why? Because the possibilities are endless.

Homemade Sushi
Homemade Sushi

Think of your favorite food. Now toss it in a sushi roll! Assuming you didn’t choose something sweet, you can definitely find ways to slip the ingredients into a sushi roll. So before you pull out your wallet at a restaurant, head to your grocery store instead. Stock up on your favorite seafood and produce and let’s “wrap and roll”! Enjoy this recipe everyone and have a wonderful day!

Homemade Sushi in 5 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1: Get a bamboo mat (or cheap, flexible place mat) and place a sheet of Nori Seaweed on it. Take a spoon and gently press cooked jasmine rice onto the seaweed.


  • Step 2: Slice all of your seafood and produce in long thin strips. Don’t worry about knife cuts here. Just make sure they are relatively thin so you are able to roll everything up easier.


  • Step 3: Lay your sushi roll ingredients at the edge of the rice and seaweed.


  • Step 4: Using the mat, carefully roll and tuck the seaweed over the ingredients and continue to gently roll up your sushi. If you need to stop and gently tuck in bits of rice, that’s fine. Go slow and steady to ensure that nothing rips or falls out.



  • Step 5: Use a sharp knife to cut your sushi into thin rounds. Set everything on a platter and enjoy! Note: I also served this with a jar of pickled ginger (available in most Asian markets for $2 USD), and soy sauce for dipping.



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